I wanted to fix my leaky faucet and after seeing the videos on YouTube it showed you just needed to replace a simple part and than that would be it. I tried to take out the piece but the previous owners did it wrong and we had to call a plumber. So these guys came and...
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I didn't like
  • Dishonesty
  • Price was 300 dollars an hour
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I called ARS or Rescue Rooter OC. My sinks are clogged and they said they would have someone out here within the hour. Then they called and said they were running late. Then they called and said they didn't have an ETA or that they could even get to it today. Of course...
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Rescue rooter came to my home for a simple toilet stoppage. Within one hour, the plumber managed to break my plumbing to the point my entire plumbing system was not workable. I was without water and toilets for over 30 hours. In order to fix the problem Rescue Rooter...
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I worked at rescue rooter in north hollywood, thieves and scammers pretty much sums up their company attitude, commision sales is what it is all about, jack up the price and m...

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